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Net.Ware Delight, Review @ sideline


Cover Net.Ware Delight 200
V/A Net.Ware Delight (CD Album
Electro Arc)
Posted on 27/07/14
Genre/Influences: EBM.

Bands: Jäger 90, Struma, The Pain Machinery, A.D.A.C.8286, Muscles On The Move, V.e.N., Analogo EBM ao….

Content: Electro Arc moves into pure old-school EBM featuring 17 bands from the scene.
There’re a few familiar names on the list like Struma, V.e.N., A.D.A.C.8286 plus a few famous formations like Jäger 90 and The Pain Machinery. But most of the bands featured on this sampler are rather young and upcoming formations. There’s no doubt about the purpose of this sampler, which is entirely devoted to EBM. Most of the bands are dealing with the pure and good-old EBM style while a few other bands are mixing EBM with a few more influences. Most of the tracks are rather short, but powerful.

Net.Ware Delight” reminds me of the good-old days of body music and there’s no better band than Jäger 90 to kick off the compilation. Struma confirms their potential with the icy body-cut “Dina Ord (Extended Klang Mix)”. The Pain Machinery is another attention grabber featuring an “EBM Mix” of “Weekend Warrior”. V.e.N. is another noticeable band dealing with a fast and totally retro-like cut.

Among the less familiar, but promising formations I want to mention Toxic Green and their song “EBM (Oldschool)”. The title of the song avoids any form of creativity, but it’s a hard and terrific piece recovered with a dark lead. White Trash Wankers is another name to keep in mind. The track “T.R.A.S.H. 13 (Original)” sounds heavy and pumping while featuring a little technoid flavor on top.

Conclusion: “Net.Ware Delight” is the kind of compilation that will not get the exposure of bigger samplers on the scene, but it’s a real cool and efficient release for all EBM lovers.

Best bands: Toxic Green, White Trash Wankers, Jäger 90, The Pain Machinery, Struma.

Rate: (Tor Cleenics:7½)Tor Cleenics.

Label: /


Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos (Review)


Invasion Of Female Logic
Cover Invasion Of Female Logic - Alternativlos468)
(CD Album – Electro Arc)
Posted on 27/07/14

Genre/Influences: EBM, body-pop.

Content: Behind this band is hiding a German female artist. Petra Kutschera claims to be inspired by EBM- and synth-pop bands like Depeche Mode, And One, Kraftwerk ao.

Alternativlos” takes off with a mix of EBM and synth-pop and the shadow of And One indeed hangs over the debut song. The body-pop style of And One clearly appears to be one of the main sources of inspiration, which comes back on a regular basis. I’m not saying that this work sounds like the emulation of the German electro-giant, but the work will appeal for fans of this band. Invasion Of Female Logic also tries to create its very own approach. This appears in some colder sequences and in a personal lyrical content. Wilhelm Busch who was a German writer, cartoonist and painter appears to be an important source of inspiration for the critical lyrical content. The lyrics have been sung in English- and German. The production of the vocals is not exactly refined. Don’t expect a kind of female, heavenly voice rather than a harder, sterile style fitting to the music.

I can’t say that “Alternativlos” is a masterpiece however this debut album sounds rather pleasant. I’m convinced that this artist has enough potential to catch a wider audience. Songs like “Frontfrau”, “Chains” and “Our Monsters” reveal very good musical ideas.

Conclusion: Female body music is not exactly a common phenomena on planet EBM, but Petra Kutschera sounds like having the ‘bollocks’ to hit the machos of the genre.

Best songs: Frontfrau, Chains”, Our Monsters, Trendsetter, Big Brother.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.


Label: /


Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos (Review @ The E-blog)


Cover Invasion Of Female Logic - Alternativlos468)

Review @ The E-blog
Das Wort Alternativlos sagt sehr viel aus über das erste Album von Invasion of Female Logic. Derzeit kenne ich keinen weiteren weiblichen Act der sich so genial zwischen EBM und Electro Sounds austobt und dem ganzen durch eigene Texte noch ne wuchtige Portion Spirit angedeihen lässt. Für mich ein geiles Erstlingswerk das nirgends fehlen sollte.

Ich sprüh es an jede Wand…Neuen Frauenelectro brauch das Land.

Petra Kutschera hat einen Werk geschaffen das sich wunderbar fliesend zwischen EBM und Electro der alten Schule bewegt. Da werden 8Bit Sounds verbraten, ne ganz eigne Bassline kreiert, und vieles mehr was sich zu Entdecken lohnt. IOFL will sich gleich mit dem ersten Werk absetzen und ihr eigenes Ding in die Welt tragen. Das ist kein “Ich klinge wie…”

Das ist ne gelungene Punktlandung die IOFL sofort nen Wiedererkennungswert verleiht. Petras Stimme mal leicht verzerrt auf anderen Tracks auch klar verleiht allen Tracks was ganz eigenes. Eine rauchige Stimme die fast gesprochen wirkt. Definitiv ein Hörerlebnis!

Das hat was und vor allem Inhalt. Mit Ironie, Sarkasmus und allerhand Giftigkeit werden Alltagsthemen aufgegriffen und Gesellschaftliche Tendenzen verarbeitet. Auf ihre ganz eigene Art bringt IOFL Kritik an den Mann und die Frau. Lasst euch auf die Texte ein die Scheibe braucht nen zweiten Durchlauf
manchmal auch nen dritten bis sie sich vollkommen eröffnet.

Ans Herz und Ohr legen möchte ich euch auch einige Tracks. Mein absoluter Liebling ist ja der letzte Track der Scheibe, Enemy Contact. Warum nur so weit hinten das gute Stück… ;-). Der erinnert an gute alte Zeiten vom Sound eher Downtempo. Eine Hommage an gute alte 242 Sounds verfeinert mit Samples Petras Stimme dazu ergibt ein Klasse Track der Hit und Clubqualitäten hat.

Dann noch ein absolutes Leckerlie. Face to Face feat. Hierophon der Stomper Vorwärts Abmarsch Titel. Wuchtiger EBM Knaller, harte Synthies, schleifende Sequencer. Aggression pur. Zeigt mal wieder auf wie Wandlungsfähig Petra ist und das ein Hierophon immer Knallt wenns auftaucht.

Fazit: KAUFEN!!! Dazu gibts nicht mehr zu sagen. Klarer Fall von “haben Muss”.
…Die Frontfrau greift an!


Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos


Cover Invasion Of Female Logic - Alternativlos468)

Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos
Label: Electro Arc
CD Nr.: 1001038
EAN 4001617068502
Genre: Electro
Substyle: synthpop, EBM, alternative
rel. Date 26th. of May, 2014


01 Trendsetter .. 4:38
02 Bifg Fish .. 4:06
03 Our Monsters .. 6:06
04 Big Brother .. 4:11
05 Ordnung Muss Sein .. 4:22
06 Chains .. 3:54
07 Face to Face (feat. Hierophon) .. 3:24
08 Frontfrau .. 4:53
09 Shadow World .. 6:10
10 Soulsister .. 6:08
11 Two Kings Childs .. 5:07
12 It’s Time .. 6:08
13 Enemy Contact .. 4:32

Music comnot allowed Petra Kutschera
Co-producer: Intrendent
Mastering: Stefan Vardopoulos @ Redlight Studios

Besonderen Dank ergeht an Bernd von Hierophon,
Spacey von Y-Orbit und Intrendent

The brilliant lyrics, in reminiscence to the waggishly notes by Wilhelm Busch, indicate a critical aspect of understanding with the meaning of the slogan
higher, quicker and further“.

She is contributing to the daily madness and the usual compartmentalizing: to catalog and
classify everything and everyone. You shouldn’t take it too serious, because there is
always a wink in the verse with her cheerful nature and her very special kind of fun.

Often we hear a kind of counter tenor voice, which we have sometimes noticed with
Hildegard Knef or Gudrun Gut.

Unbelievable though , that this is an announcement for the debut album, named

Listen to the debut album snippets

Invasion Of Female Logic – Enemy Mind, video @ YouTube

download @ musicload
Album: 13 Titel, 1:03:21 h
Format und Qualität: WAV, 16 Bit, 44,1 kHz and
Format und Qualität: MP3, 320 kbit/s

listenable also via @ Google Play, Spotify, simfy, etc.

Akalotz * debut album coming out a.s.a.p.


more info:

Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos * Debut album full preView


Listen to the snippet preview from debut album “Alternativlos”. Coming out in late spring.

Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos


Invasion Of Female Logic
Full album Alternativlos, coming out a.s.a.p.
13 tracks, brilliant electro, EBM, synthpop
by Invasion Of Female Logic, german lady power.

Net.Ware Etronics * international music compilation


Net.Ware Etronics
Net.Ware Etronics
CD Nr.: 1001037
EAN 4050486901908
Genre: electro
Substyle: EBM, synthpop, ambient, industrial dance
release date: 20th dec., 2013


01 And Two – Little Superman (140 Bpm) … 3:57
02 2nd Body Feat. Container 90 – Mathematics (125) Bpm … 3:55
03 La Santé – Chleb z Kokaina (78 Bpm) … 4:38
04 Y-Orbit Feat. IOFL – Dear Mother Earth (Hierophon Remix) (110 Bpm) … 3:48
05 A Industrya – The Voice of Codec (125 Bpm) … 4:38
06 Analogo EBM – Never (129 Bpm) … 3:00
07 Fatal Casualties – Slippery (124 Bpm) … 3:48
08 Invasion Of Female Logic – Punkt Komma Strich (Hierophon Remix) (130 Bpm) ….4:19
09 Machine Revenge – T.R.A.U.M.A. Body Modificator (120 Bpm) … 5:18
10 Hierophon – Thank You for Understanding (145 Bpm) … 5:25
11 SadoSato – Kongomaedchen (Anti-Rass Remix By T.D.D.) (140 Bpm) … 9:25
12 T.D.D. – Er Kommt Schon Wieder (Instrumental) (127 Bpm) … 4:28
13 Volkszorn – Millionen Jahre Stahl (121 Bpm) … 3:56
14 Hierophon Feat. IOFL – Es Ist Genug (120 Bpm) … 4:53
15 Silence Death – So Soll Es Sein (129 Bpm) … 4:14

First Aid 4 Souls – The Broken Mirror (Self Mix) * coming soon …..


Cover The Broken Mirror (Selfmix) 2013 Front 700 x700

First Aid 4 Souls – The Broken Mirror (Self Mix)
CD Nr.: 1001036
EAN 4050486107720
Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Electro, industrial dance
Release date: 6th of Dec., 2013

01 Painkiller (Club Version Selfmix)
02 Notes from Underground (Club Version Selfmix)
03 House Harkonnen (Club Version Selfmix)
04 Quiddity (Enemy at the Gates Version Selfmix)
05 Fortress (Selfmix)
06 Soulscape (Selfmix)
07 Nebula (Synthpop Version Selfmix)
08 Lifeforce (Club Version Selfmix)
09 Among Strangers (Industrial Version Selfmix)
10 The Watchmman’s Circle (Tribal Version Selfmix)
11 Paradigm Shift (Club Version Selfmix)
12 Crime and Punishment (Club Version Selfmix)
13 No Mercy (Club Version Selfmix)
14 Reconquista (Club Version Selfmix)
15 You Are in a Box (C64 Version Selfmix)
16 The Thirteen Floor (Selfmix)
17 Painkiller (Extended Version Selfmix)


Aaron Russell – Impurfekt : 1,3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17
Balázs Frank – V.e.N.: 5
Mark Duffield – I’am One : 2, 6, 12
Árpád Ciprián Asbóth – Impact Pulse : 7
Mir Colon – KIFOTH : 9
Dávid Konsitzky – Csaknekedkislány : 13
Eszter Ágoston – : 11
István Gazdag – : 10

Lyrics by: István Drimal, Aaron Russell, Árpád Ciprián Asbóth,
Mir Colon, Dávid Konsitzky, Balázs Frank and István Gazdag

Produced by: István Gazdag and Al Dente (Intrendent)
Mastered by: István Gazdag
Artwork, Design and Layout: Gábor Vető

All music and remix by: István Gazdag

Net.Ware Delight * international compilation


Cover Net.Ware Delight 200
Net.Ware Delight * international music compilation released on 20th of September, 2013


01 Jäger 90 – Ich Komm zu Dir (Wbzt Version) 2:26
02 Muscles On The Move – Es Wird Vorüber Gehen (Demo) 4:14
03 Invasion Of Female Logic – Essen is Bad (Oldschool EBM Version) 4:52
04 Struma – Dina Ord (Extended Klang Mix) 3:11
05 The Pain Machinery – Weekend Warrior (EBM Mix) 4:40
06 V.e.N. – Last Seconds (Cyberpsiichosis EBM Version) 3:37
07 Carlos Chaos – Hardline 1.0 … 3:30
08 EBM Junior – Jetzt Kommen Wir 2:42
09 Analogo EBM – Leave Go 2:40
10 Toxic Green – EBM (Oldschool) 3:08
11 White Trash Wankers – T.R.A.S.H. 13 (Original) 3:38
12 A.D.A.C. 8286 – Down On My Knees 4:01
13 Pact Of Warsaw – Mental Injection 4:53
14 Akalotz – Trust (Raw Version) 3:06
15 Volkszorn – Bastard Society 4:04
16 Stechschritt – KPD – Sektion 3:43
17 Lobotomik – I’ll Finish You Off 5:07

avaiable @ Finetunes, iTunes, amazon, musicload, 7digital, emusic, Pure connect, gogoyoko etc.

listen via Spotify, simfy, Deezer, Rdio etc.


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