First Aid 4 Souls – Brutpop (CD Electro-Arc) review

The band Vacuum might ring a bell. This band can be considered as one of the leading formation from the 90s Hungarian electro scene. Right from the ashes from Vacuum emerges First Aid 4 Souls, which you might already have discovered on a few sampler contributions or by their debut-cd “My Favorite Pain”. “Brutpop” could be an interesting title to define the style and influences running through the album. First Aid 4 Souls seems to not really care about labeling, but I think it’s nearly impossible to place them in a specific genre. Starting with a rather chaotic pop approach on “Before The Light” to simple trance sequences merged with dark electro driven percussions and Decoded Feedback distorted male vocals on “First Aid” to Ofra Hazza chants (cf. Temple Of Love” from The Sisters Of Mercy) mixed with Dance Or Die parts on “Powa” to a merge of Jean-Michel Jarre and Front 242 on “The Unborn Child” to a last cut coming back to pop entitled “The Wave” this album shows a wide pallet of influences and styles. “Brutpop” sound a tiny experimental in its compositions, but with quite accessible songs. The guest vocalists contributing to the album only increased the wide diversity of “Brutpop”. It sometimes gives you the feeling that you are listening to a sampler and yet most of the songsseem to remain connected to each other. “Brutpop” sounds rather complex and not that easy to understand, but it sounds like the artistic exposure from a band that want to avoid established standards and other cheap imitations!

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