First Aid 4 Souls – Brutpop review at Chain D.L.K.

Title: Brutpop
Format: CD
Label: Electro Arc [ intrendent {at} arcor {dot} de ]
Distributor: Finetunes, Amazon, Poponaut
May this album title gives already out a hint, what kind of music hides behind this Hungarian-based project. FIRST AID 4 SOULS is five-persons collective, consisting of István Gazdag (lead synths, vocals), Katalin Helfenbein (e-drums, vocals)., Eszter Agoston (vocals), Zoltan Havasi (live sampling/VJ), and Attila Palvaly (drums). They too have hired several guest vocalists to help them out on this album, names like Linda Deamon of the Hungarian Metal-act DRUGZONE, or Aaron Russel of the US-based Electro-project IMPURFEKT coming up here. Musically this album is a bit a victim of different music interests of the single members. You’ll a colorful mixture out of Synth-/Futurepop-related tunes (”Before The Light”), some rather harmless Hellectro-related tracks (”Painkiller”), while you’ll also in between get a sort of Neo-Classic inspired work like ”First Aid”. They offer diversity to fight against that typical stereotyped thinking – everything seems to be musically allowed, as long as it is difficult enough for us fucking reviewers to sort them stylistically clear in. Personally impressed I felt with that energetic tune ”Powa”, although some heavy guitar-like inserts can be noticed. These Hungarians seem to feel familiar with multiple styles, although that album looses a bit intensity with the latter tracks. But to tip on some unnecessary lengths and avoidable repetitions may wouldn’t be fair for a quite good and entertaining debut release, although I fear that a versatile style-listener still needs to be born at first. As for a fine passing mention, FIRST AID 4 SOULS is the first music-project directly signed by the German Electro-Arc label and its mastermind Michael ”Intrendent” Maier. Under this label moniker he has previously released some well recognized underground compilations featuring new talents completed with a few known band names, so this release means a new challenge for him.

Review by: Marc Tater

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