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After their hard work on their debut album CINEMIND N7 thought they would like to try out something new that they never did before. So it sounded a cool idea to give the album tracks to foreign and Hungarian artists, musicians to see what they can come up with. They were so curious about the results and also were surprised how many artists participated in this project. Now that they have finished the album called NOSTROPHIL REMIXES they are glad that they made it, and they are very grateful to all the remixers who shared their creativity with them and effort to bring the songs to a new life. And finally a few words from the remixers themselves:

‚When I was first listening to the ‚Nostromo 7‘ album ‚Cinemind‘, I instantly loved it, but the chorus and the female voice of ‚Melt Away‘ made it so easy to choose my remix. I wanted to keep a lot of the original tracks, so I only made it a bit more electronic and danceable, using my beloved Viruses.‘ – Noonatac

‚When I first listened to the Cinemind album, I fell in love with a lot of tracks from the album, however, later I decided to remix only Kozmo 2065, because I felt that there is a lot of power in the track. I wanted to create a more brutal, an electro-industrial like mix, so it could be played in clubs. I often listen to Nostromo 7 because of its complexity and atmosphere, and their unique unmistakable style.‘ – Vespiary

‚I listened to the whole album Cinemind, but Longing 2 hit me with its dark atmosphere, I couldn’t get it out from my mind for a couple of days. Immediately I got a few ideas I could do with this song, so I invited the possibility to play with it for the remix album. As the guys from N7 sent me the remix pack, I could not resist and spend a few nights working on that, hoping that all the fans will like the result.‘ – Minor

‚I chose to remix ‚Relief‘ as I found the melody and texture captivating. Cinemind held a classic movie feel for me and ‚Relief‘ reflected that essence. I wanted to embrace the lo-fi, analog texture as best I could. I also wanted to give it a trip hop vibe. I did my best to avoid an electronic sound. N7 to me was a revelation. They manage to blend many styles and moods while maintaining a completely unique feel. The album Cinemind is certainly a journey, passing like the pages of a book. I highly anticipate future N7 endeavors.‘ – Impurfekt

N7 Nostrophil Remixes Trackliste

listen to full album snippets

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