Net.Ware Years Of Yearning * review @ Dominion

Review: Various Artists – ‚Net.Ware Years Of Yearning‘

 By Sean Palfrey on Feb 8, 2012

‘Net.Ware Years Of Yearning‘

Electro Arc is another one of these small European labels that has some damn good acts on its books and a collective ear for a good song. So the latest offering in the ‘Net.Ware‘ compilation series has more than enough to entice even the most cynical of electro fans.

It’s a similar concept to Johan Van Roy’s ‘World Wide Electronics‘ series in that it encompasses the blurred genres of idm, ebm, industrial and synthpop the compilation offers up a selection of relatively unknown bands from across Europe and gives them a platform. The quality of the tracks does vary somewhat but the ethos of the ablum is one of enthusiasm for electronic music that is quite infectious.
Stand-out songs include ‘The Carnival‘ by EGOamp, ‘The Song Of Sky Gear‘ by E-Gens, ‘Clear Head‘ by Severe Illusion, ‘Beacon‘ by Nemesis21 and ‘Dunkelheit‘ by Firemensch with each having distinctly old school influences yet managing to sound quite fresh.
The compilation isn’t arranged in any particular form, so each song does feel like a stand alone piece rather than as part of the whole, which in some respects isn’t bad if it is primarily a downloadable item, but it does take away from the sense of union that a well arranged compilation can create.

As with all underground-orientated download compilations the production does vary from song to song, but the final master is good enough so that nine out of ten still sounds as good as possible. But at the end of the day, such issues are only minor as Electro Arc have presented some new names for the scene to explore, but some very promising ones too.



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