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Last Seconds

V.E.N, AKA Virtual Explorer of Noise are one of the newest industrial acts to emerge from eastern Europe. The band mix ebm and aggressive industrial in the vein of early Suicide Commando, Combichrist and Grendel, which isn’t the most original concoctions these days, but their début EP ‚Last Seconds‚ nonetheless shows a lot of potential from the Hungarian trio.

Mastered and recorded by István Gazdag (First Aid 4 Souls), the EP features four versions of the title track plus a demo, so there really isn’t much in the way of scope for an initial presentation. That said the title track is a pretty solid offering with it’s strong dance beats and catchy melodies. However the Last SecondEBM Version‚ by Cyberpsiichosis and the ‚Industry Mix‚ feel like the strongest versions of the song. ‚Half Dead Life‚ is a nice danceable instrumental that, despite its rough style, is a solid piece of songwriting. The final version of ‚Last Seconds‚ is the demo song, and with three perfectly viable alternatives preceeding it is just superfluous.

It would have been nice to get another finished song on the EP or even a remix of an unreleased track. But for a first venture ‚Last Seconds‚ isn’t bad. Yes it is a little blinkered and could do with some tweaking here and there. But ultimately it is enjoyable and shows promise.
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V.e.N. Last Seconds – snippets

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