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Akalotz – Time to Deastroy (Live) @ 9 Jahre Jahre Ebm Music Club im Luxor, Köln am 19.9.2015


Akalotz – Shift To Evil * Review @ Peek-A-Boo Magazin, Belgium


1001039 Akalotz - Shift To Evil Front 1200
Shift to Evil [CD]

Cold EBM • Dark Electro • EBM • Electro

voting: 89/100

Label: Electro Arc
11/08/2014, Review by Filip VAN MUYLEM

A while ago they played in Antwerp and I was literally blown out of my socks. A lot of people told me afterwards they were even much better than the headliner (Portion Control).

I knew they were working on their first album and couldn’t wait. Today is my day!

Headcrash‚ is one of the tracks that I still remember from the gig: the minimal EBM sound and typical Front242 movements reminded me of the springtime of these EBM-gods. Somehow Akalotz manages to bring back the 80’s into 2014! ‚Time to Destroy‚ sounds a bit like PNE, but with better English and a softer touch. Love the beats! This is the track I wanted to call ‚Headshot‚ in my review. It’s an absolute highlight! ‚Body Crushed Bones‚ is another great retro EBM track, a must have for EBM lovers! ‚Lust of Power‚ was a winner on stage and is on record a jewel too.

The background voice is a nice extra! ‚Shift to Evil‚ is a short one but has enough in it to stand ground! If your ‚Blood Pressure‚ is not rising on this one than you are indeed a cold lizard! Start to dance, electro and EBM lovers! After that it all goes fast. I remember ‚Where are you from‚, ‚Play and Command‚ and ‚Rise and Fall‚ from the live set too! ‚Bring me down‚ is a nice end of the regular tracks.

After that we get 2 remixes and strangely enough that is when I hear the difference of the quality… The remixes are mixed a lot louder; the beats come out like anno 2014 and rock really hard. ‚Blood Pressure (Invasion of Female Logic Remix)‚ is the first one. Same goes for ‚Body Crushed Bones (SadoSato Remix)‚. It’s pretty painful to realize, but then again: I was sucked into the 80’s sound and that amazed me.

I hope you go see them on stage and get caught by their stage power play!

Thumbs up!


Akalotz – Shift To Evil


1001039 Akalotz - Shift To Evil Front 1200

1001039 Akalotz - Shift To Evil Hinten 1200

digital download release date: approx. 29th of August, 2014

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Akalotz – Shift To Evil * Debüt album out a.s.a.p.


1001039 Akalotz – Shift To Evil

Akalotz – Shift To Evil
CD 1001039
Genre: Electro
Substyle: EBM, electro clash

01 Headcrash … 3:56
02 Time to Destroy … 3:51
03 Body Crushed Bones … 3:45
04 Lust of Power … 4:37
05 Shift to Evil … 2:53
06 Blood Pressure … 4:14
07 Where Are You From … 3:19
08 Play and Command … 3:22
09 Bounce Effect … 4:30
10 Rise and Fall … 3:00
11 Trust … 3:06
12 Bring Me Down … 3:47
13 Blood Pressure (Invasion Of Female Logic Remix) … 4:01
14 Body Crushed Bones (SadoSato Remix) … 2:55

Akalotz Mi/We 2nd of July, 2014 Live
@ Familientreffen X Festival !

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