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First Aid 4 Souls – Trashcathedral * just released


First Aid 4 SoulsTrashcathedral“ just released. Listen via Deezer @

Intrendent Videos @ Vimeo


Noisy Deafness, Finkseye,
First Aid 4 Souls,
Akalotz, La Santé

Akalotz – Time to Deastroy (Live) @ 9 Jahre Jahre Ebm Music Club im Luxor, Köln am 19.9.2015


listen to hours ’n‘ hours music from the label Electro Arc

Electro Arc Playlist

Playlist Electro Arc

Electro Arc Playlist @!playlist/435198508

„Normality“ WEB radio show by RJ Vin K-otic @ RantRadio


Normality by RJ Vin K-otic
First Aid 4 Souls – Nebula
Nemesis21 – In the Company of the Narcissistic V1.0
Twilight-Images – Legacy of Dreams (EP Version)
Cyber S[?]ain’t – Scary Sector
Gamma10 – Getting Closer
Nomenclatura – Help Me
Delivered Soul – Ich Will Doch Nur Tanzen (Rmx By T.D.D.)

streamed by RJ Vin K-otic, Los Angeles during „Normality“ show
@ RantRadio avaiable post podcast

First Aid 4 Souls – Terra Incognita * Selected electro works Vol 4


First Aid 4 SoulsTerra Incognita
Selected Electro Works Vol 4

01 Eden
02 End Of The Line
03 2622 (Ambient Version)
04 Neverharmony
05 Eternal Love
06 Lost Dream
07 Orion Shall Rise
08 Fairy
09 Future Sound Of Asia
10 Glamour
11 Heaven
12 High Earth Orbit
13 Imany

running time 1:02:44

All Music by Istvan Gazdag
Original painting by Eduardo Pola
Cover Layout by silver
Published by Electro Arc Label Germany and

digital gratis download 320 kbps m3u8 taged, gained

download@electro-arc < Benutzername / felhasználó / username
electroarc < Passwort / Kodót / password

and via

Review @ Intravenous Magazine, GB

Doc Feel – Rebel


Doc Feel
– Rebel
song released on „Net.Ware Years Of Yearning
international compilation by Electro Arc   LC 15678
ISRC DEEK91270245

Net.Ware Years Of Yearning * teaser Video for EGOamp and E-Gens songs


Electro Arc selected „minimal + synthpop“ tracks from various compilations


Electro Arc selection for minimal + synthpop
Electro Arc selected „minimal + synthpop
promotional copy only not for sale, only
for people who pushed „I Like“ button on


(Alpha Quadrant) Net.Ware Urban United [01] Orion (Intro)
(Analog Angel) Net.Ware Twist Of Fate [01] Shadows
(Analog Angel) Net.Ware Victory Monuments [06] Coy
(Batch ID) Net.Ware Whistleblow [06] Spöken
(Christian Zander) Net.Ware Urban United [10] Konsolenkinder
(Das Institut) Net.Ware Whistleblow [05] Restelektrizität
(Devoted Symbols) Net.Ware Stimulation [06] Night Fall
(Divamee) Electro Arc Vol 2 [01] Engel
(Elite!) Electro Bosom.Buddies Music [09] Mein Mädchen
(Hertzinfarkt) Electro Arc Vol 1 [12] Stell Lauter
(Jäger 90) Net.Ware Responsibilities [03] In der Hitze der Nacht
(Linear Movement) Electro Arc Vol 3 [13] To Another Soul
(Microwelt) Net.Ware Victory Monuments [03) Raumspaziergang Silbersee
(Psyche) Net.Ware Respsonsibilities [01] Murder in Your love (Club mix]
(Sick En For) Net.Ware Responsibilities [15] The EnD
(Spark!) Electro Bosom.Buddies Music [11] Boots
(Svenska Flikka) Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience [02] Luxuria
(The Weathermen) Electro Arc Vol 1 [02] Scan me
(Twilight Ritual) Electro Arc Vol 1 [15] Wired to the machines
(Twilight Ritual) Electro Arc Vol 3 [14] My Delay
(UGH…!) Net.Ware Responsibilities [08] Bananen Beat
(Ultrajove) Net.Ware Stimulation [14] Allo La Terre
(Zibit) Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience [01] Younger (Root Version)

digital download all Electro Arc releases

First Aid 4 Souls – Selected Electro Works Vol 1 – Psy Acid


First Aid 4 Souls – Selected Electro Works Vol 1 Psy Acid
First Aid 4 Souls - Selected Electro Works Vol 1 - Psy Acid
13 tracks gratis downloadable album,
121 MB, playing time total 1:13:47
Download links:
legalized by First Aid 4 Souls and Electro Arc LC 15678
First Aid 4 Souls - Selected Electro Works Vol 1 Psy Acid

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