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Noisy Deafness, Finkseye,
First Aid 4 Souls,
Akalotz, La Santé

Akalotz – Time to Deastroy (Live) @ 9 Jahre Jahre Ebm Music Club im Luxor, Köln am 19.9.2015


Doc Feel – Rebel


Doc Feel
– Rebel
song released on „Net.Ware Years Of Yearning
international compilation by Electro Arc   LC 15678
ISRC DEEK91270245

Net.Ware Years Of Yearning * teaser Video for EGOamp and E-Gens songs


(Nostromo 7) Nostrophil Remixes [01] Melt Away (Noonatac Remix)



‚After our hard work on our debut album CINEMIND we thought we would like to try out something new that we never did before. So it sounded a cool idea to give our album tracks to foreign and Hungarian artists, musicians and let’s see what they can come up with.

We were so curious about the results and also were surprised how many artists participated in this project. Now that we have finished this album called NOSTROPHIL REMIXES we are glad that we made it, and we are very grateful to all the remixers who shared their creativity with us and effort to bring the songs to a new life.‘

Nostromo 7

‚When I was first listening to the ‚Nostromo 7‚ album ‚Cinemind‚, I instantly loved it, but the chorus and the female voice of ‚Melt Away‘ made it so easy to choose my remix.

I wanted to keep a lot of the original tracks, so I only made it a bit more electronic and danceable, using my beloved Viruses.‘

avaiable at:

Die Produktivität – 20 Rokov


Die Produktivität - 20 Rokov

Die Produktivität – 20 Rokov

track 15 from „Net.Ware Urban United“ compilation,
electro , finest splatter tribes embedded in Video, done
by „fotopitu“,  Slovakian artist.

First Aid 4 Souls – Nomads (unreleased)


Track Nomads from First Aid 4 Souls feature in minicast
FA4S backstage A38, BP during Video interview

First Aid 4 Souls – The Watchman’s Circle (Video)


early pre-view from song „The Watchman’s Circle I+II“ embedded in Video done by Pixmix, music and voice by István Gazdag,  First Aid 4 Souls.


Net.Ware – Victory Monuments, upcoming new compilation a.s.a.p.


pre-view „H-Princess And Baby“ – Ahugadance

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