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First Aid 4 Souls * successful live event, starting Industrial Booom Festival, Budapest



First Aid 4 Souls
live event actors for Industrial Booom Festival
István Gazdag, leadsynths, vocals
Zoltan Havasi, drums, electronic percussions
V.e.N., Bálancs Frank, lead vocals
Támas Nimrod, guitar
Gabor Vető, VJ

Setlist songs:
Omega * Alien Implant * You Are In A Box * Chaos Cultist
The Watchman Circle I * Love You * Agony

First Aid 4 Souls at Industrial Booom Festival

About: First Aid 4 Souls was started as a project only some years ago, but the group really has quite a long past. It is the practical successor of the band Vacuum, which was started in 1992. Vacuum became one of the most significant bands in the Hungarian industrial music scene, having performed countless concerts in Hungary. There are distinct religious, philosophical and magical traditions making appearances in their themes. They are constantly moving toward the essence behind this existence believed to be reality.

Performance: The show put up by First Aid 4 Souls was energetic and really did not need too much encouragement in order to go off. Just the first signs of action on stage were enough in order to catalyze a crowd in front of the stage, and within minutes it was unclear whether the band get their energy from the crowd, or viceversa – either way the outcome was a feel good atmosphere with intricate electro and industrial hues, which hailed many, and was welcomed by the first dance moves. Their show of lights and visuals was amazing – closeups on piercing eyes, facial morphs, radar scans, melting scenery. “Agony” stayed in our ears and hearts way after the show and it’s definitely on our playlist for our next party or radio show!
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First Aid 4 Souls * Live on stage @ Industrial Booom Festival, Budapest 27-29. April 2012


Industrial Booom Festival
2012 First Aid 4 Souls live members
for Industrial Booom Festival
Mechanix Day“ 27th of April, 2012

István Gazdag: lead synths and vocal
Zoltan Havasi : Electronic percussions
Gabor Vető: VJ
Balázs Frank : live vocal
David H. : live drums
Nimrod Tamas: Live guitars

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