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Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos (Review)


Invasion Of Female Logic
Cover Invasion Of Female Logic - Alternativlos468)
(CD Album – Electro Arc)
Posted on 27/07/14

Genre/Influences: EBM, body-pop.

Content: Behind this band is hiding a German female artist. Petra Kutschera claims to be inspired by EBM– and synth-pop bands like Depeche Mode, And One, Kraftwerk ao.

Alternativlos” takes off with a mix of EBM and synth-pop and the shadow of And One indeed hangs over the debut song. The body-pop style of And One clearly appears to be one of the main sources of inspiration, which comes back on a regular basis. I’m not saying that this work sounds like the emulation of the German electro-giant, but the work will appeal for fans of this band. Invasion Of Female Logic also tries to create its very own approach. This appears in some colder sequences and in a personal lyrical content. Wilhelm Busch who was a German writer, cartoonist and painter appears to be an important source of inspiration for the critical lyrical content. The lyrics have been sung in English- and German. The production of the vocals is not exactly refined. Don’t expect a kind of female, heavenly voice rather than a harder, sterile style fitting to the music.

I can’t say that “Alternativlos” is a masterpiece however this debut album sounds rather pleasant. I’m convinced that this artist has enough potential to catch a wider audience. Songs like “Frontfrau”, “Chains” and “Our Monsters” reveal very good musical ideas.

Conclusion: Female body music is not exactly a common phenomena on planet EBM, but Petra Kutschera sounds like having the ‘bollocks’ to hit the machos of the genre.

Best songs: Frontfrau, Chains”, Our Monsters, Trendsetter, Big Brother.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.


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