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Electro Arc selected „minimal + synthpop“ tracks from various compilations


Electro Arc selection for minimal + synthpop
Electro Arc selected „minimal + synthpop
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(Alpha Quadrant) Net.Ware Urban United [01] Orion (Intro)
(Analog Angel) Net.Ware Twist Of Fate [01] Shadows
(Analog Angel) Net.Ware Victory Monuments [06] Coy
(Batch ID) Net.Ware Whistleblow [06] Spöken
(Christian Zander) Net.Ware Urban United [10] Konsolenkinder
(Das Institut) Net.Ware Whistleblow [05] Restelektrizität
(Devoted Symbols) Net.Ware Stimulation [06] Night Fall
(Divamee) Electro Arc Vol 2 [01] Engel
(Elite!) Electro Bosom.Buddies Music [09] Mein Mädchen
(Hertzinfarkt) Electro Arc Vol 1 [12] Stell Lauter
(Jäger 90) Net.Ware Responsibilities [03] In der Hitze der Nacht
(Linear Movement) Electro Arc Vol 3 [13] To Another Soul
(Microwelt) Net.Ware Victory Monuments [03) Raumspaziergang Silbersee
(Psyche) Net.Ware Respsonsibilities [01] Murder in Your love (Club mix]
(Sick En For) Net.Ware Responsibilities [15] The EnD
(Spark!) Electro Bosom.Buddies Music [11] Boots
(Svenska Flikka) Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience [02] Luxuria
(The Weathermen) Electro Arc Vol 1 [02] Scan me
(Twilight Ritual) Electro Arc Vol 1 [15] Wired to the machines
(Twilight Ritual) Electro Arc Vol 3 [14] My Delay
(UGH…!) Net.Ware Responsibilities [08] Bananen Beat
(Ultrajove) Net.Ware Stimulation [14] Allo La Terre
(Zibit) Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience [01] Younger (Root Version)

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