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Electro Bosom.Buddies Music review at Chain D.L.K.


Artist: V.A
Title: Electro Bosom.Buddies Music
Format: CD
Label: Electro Arc
Distributor: Finetunes
This, one of the latest compilations collected by Germany’s grandfather of the rivethead-culture, ”Intrendent”, is dedicated completely to the classic form of old-school EBM. All 19 participants of this compilation are strictly based to this musically ideal, quite comparable to the audio results of such veteran acts like NITZER EBB, DAF, POUPPÉE FABRIKK, or PARANOID. Outstanding is once again the talent of Mr. Intrendent to compile already discovered projects with bloody newcomers, without loosing an intensive floating of the compilation. Of course, some of the featured acts can rely on better studio equipment and recording possibilities, so it shouldn’t wonder, that the tracks of AD:KEY, the new Belgian force DARKMEN, DUPONT, IONIC VISION or DIGITAL FACTOR are coming out in a crystal-clear quality. The mostly reduced compositional efforts, the obvious macho-imaginary, combined with the minimal evident power of all compositions are may stuff to argue against those collections – but isn’t this exactly that stuff, which has caused a true revival of this special music genre? This compilation works excellent as being the right kick in some asses and offers the certainty, that this often dead-written music style still survives and promises to be more successful and recognized than ever before. Lately a lot of people got fed up with the still continuing Hellectro rush, so those acts with the right sense to fill in nostalgia may can take their profit out of this – how else can someone explain, that currently more and more labels hire projects out of the old-school league? But back to this compilation, on which I tend to point out 3 participants asides the above mentioned, which left a smile on me. Both, A.D.A.C. 8286 and KRAFT, may have heard quite often the early DAF-works, since their German lyrical efforts turning into their direction. Also that funny NORDSCHLACHT-side-project UGH…! with their track ”Hauptsache Laut” offer a lot of entertainment asides the often, grim discovered ”get-hard-be-strong”-attitude. Good and useful stuff for your next body party!

Track list

1. Agro’s Baby – AD:key
2. What Are You – Guerrilla
3. Accept The Pain (Cachin Mix) – Darkmen
4. Run For Protection (Electro Arc Edit) – Dupont
5. Lost (Electro Arc Mix) – Severe Illusion
6. Sport Frei (Gymnastik Version) – A.D.A.C. 8286
7. Stampfe – Kraft
8. She Is (Masturbation Mix) – Ionic Vision
9. Mein Maedchen – Elite!
10. Angst – Hagen’s Brut
11. Boots – Spark!
12. Dictatorship – Body Pleasure
13. Koerperwaerme – Equitant
14. Hauptsache Laut – UGH…!
15. Dopamin – Digital Factor
16. Gunmaster – Struck 9
17. Wrong Respect (Slow Mix) – Judge:Dred
18. Totalitaer – Standgericht
19. Aus Und Vorbei – Frontal
Review by: Marc Tater

downloads avaiable at Finetunes

Electro Bosom.Buddies Music compilation


Catalog No.:    1001013
Release dat:     20 Mar 2009
Genre:                Electronic
Style:                  EBM, oldschool EBM, postexperience EBM


01 AD:keY – Agro’s Baby
02 Guerrilla – What Are You
03 Darkmen – Accept The Pain (Cachin Mix)
04 Dupont – Run For Protection (E-Arc Edit)
05 Severe Illusion – Lost (Electro Arc Mix)
06 A.D.A.C. 8286 – Sport Frei (Gymnastik Version)
07 Kraft – Stampfe
08 Ionic Vision – She Is (Musturbation Mix)
09 Elite! – Mein Mädchen
10 Hagen’s Brut – Angst
11 Spark! – Boots
12 Body Pleasure – Dictatorship
13 Equitant – Körperwärme
14 UGH…! – Hauptsache Laut
15 Digital Factor – Dopamin
16 Struck 9 – Gunmaster
17 Judge:Dred – Wrong Respect (Slow Mix)
18 Standgericht – Totalitär
19 Frontal – Aus Und Vorbei

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Electro Bosom.Buddies Music ist eine Spezial-Compilation mit verschiedenen Künstlern und Bands, dem Genre EBM gewidmet. Der herausgebende Zusammensteller „Intrendent“ ist seit dem „Golden Age“ in den achtziger Jahren, dieser Musik zugetan. Was damals mit analogen Synthis als Old School EBM begann, wird hier weitergeführt oder auch als „experienced post EBM“ zu den Hörern und Tänzern transportiert. Stilmittel sind immer noch schweißgebadete Oberkörper, Zahnräder, Hämmer und camouflage Bekleidung sowie blank geputzte Stiefel. Wer hier Militarismus sieht, hat die danach Zeit der Industrialisierung, in Ihrer Jugendbewegung, nicht richtig verstanden. EBM entstand fast zeitgleich in England, Belgien und Deutschland, es soll hier keine Ahnenforschung betrieben werden oder diesbezügliche Namen genannt werden, wer sich die Compilation anhört wird Vergleiche zu den damaligen Pionieren erahnen. Schwerpunkt dieser Compilation kommt aus Schweden und Mitteldeutschland mit jeweils 5 Beiträgen, gefolgt von Belgien und Westdeutschland. England, USA und Kolumbien. Mit 19 Beiträgen zum Thema EBM und einer Spielzeit von fast 70 Minuten kann hier trotzdem nur ein kleiner zeitgeistlicher Aspekt wiedergegeben werden. Tanzende Stiefel …. es darf auf der Tanzfläche gestumpt und gestampft werden und keiner fällt um, jeder gegen jeden und doch alle beisammen.

EBM Nachwuchs, Highlights und gestandene Acts

Vertreten ist die vor allem die jüngere EBM Generation mit ihren immer bekannter werdenden Formationen wie Ad:keY und Spark!, aber auch gestandene Gruppen wie Digital Factor und Ionic Vision sind zu finden.


The Anhalt EBM compilation from Electro Arc is released since a couple of days ago. The fine thing with it is that you can digitally buy it for a very acceptable price,

Electro Bosom.Buddies Music is a very fine release. Some of the tracks have been heard before, others were quite new. You can hear a sample of each song on and make an opinion yourself. Eine Tasse Jäger blog was especially fond of Ad:KeY – Aggro’s Baby, A.D.A.C. 8286 – Sport Frei, Hagen’s Brut – Angst, Digital Factor – Dopamin, and Frontal – Aus und Vorbei. But in general, all of the songs on this compilation are quality pieces, each doing a very nice work to represent the band it’s from. Musically, you get a mix of electro punk, slower more tough Anhalt EBM, faster hard beating minimal electronics, and straight forward EBM, with some entirely new less known bands as well as veterans.
Bands included are: Ad:KeY, Guerrilla, Darkmen, Dupont, Severe Illusion, A.D.A.C. 8286, Kraft, Ionic Vision, Elite!, Hagen’s Brut, Spark!, Body Pleasure, Equitant, UGH…!, Digital Factor, Struck 9, Judge: Dred (The Blister Exists), Standgericht, and Frontal.
Electro Arc made a fine compilation which suits as an introduction album about oldschool influenced EBM in general, and a nice exclusive collection, which will suit any EBM fan.
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