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Red Industrie – Switch * review at Side-Line


Behind Red Industrie hides the most creative and talented electro musician from Mexico. I’m speaking about Helder Camberos who next to his Isis Signum project got more and more involved into Red Industrie . He’s sharing this project with his wife Hilda Moran who became like the leading vocalist of the project. That’s rather innovative if you know the work of H. Camberos who has often worked with guest vocalists. It doesn’t happen differently on „Switch“ on which Sara Noxx and Darrin Huss (Psyche) did some guest vocals. Hilda Moran and Helder Camberos himself however did most of the vocals themselves. After the „Ciencia Ficcion„-album, which was full of remixes and the great „Electro Body„-single, „Switch“ can be seen as the real debut album of Red Industrie. Helder Camberos doesn’t really surprise, remaining quite faithful to his minimal kind of techno-body music. The songs are little pearls created by the magic touch of this great musician. The music has been constructed with devastating analogue sounds while leaded through a danceable rhythmic. Sexy vocals add an extra sensual element to the composition. Guest vocalists Darrin Huss and Sara Noxx seem like feeling totally comfortable in this musical universe. „My Victory“ with D. Huss on vocals opens this album in a very efficient way. It sounds intriguing while vocals and music together come to a real symbiosis. It all sounds like Darrin’s way of singing fits more to Red Industrie than to his own project. „Domination“ coming up injects an extra 80’s touch to the composition. The analogue arsenal that has been used for this song isn’t simply an emulation of the legendary 80’s decade, but rather a refreshing way to compose electronics. „Flesh And Blood“ perfectly illustrates the minimal character of the album while the „Angstfabrikk Remix“ (made by Angstfabrikk) of „Industrial Dancing“ moves into body-technoid fields. The song „Artificial Part II“ contains sensual Spanish vocals by Hilda Moran. After this song comes one of the incontestable jewels from the album. „Going Around 2010“ really kicks ass! This song is a marvellous melting pot of EBM, technoid elements and electro pop on top. „Your Wish Is My command“ featuring Sara Noxx is a bit comparable to it, but only for the ‚pop‘ side of the song. It’s however another essential piece. The title song reveals some s/m lyrics, which only reinforce the sensuality of the music. The last 4 songs are remixes by bands like Darkmen, Dr. Benway, Strange Connection and Autodafeh. The remix of „Domination“ by Darkmen is a quite cool one while Dr. Benway did a cool job on „My Victory“ as well. There’s nothing to throw away on this album. Along with Isis Signum, Helder Camberos confirms to have another great project in his hands! This is an album I strongly recommend!
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Red Industrie – Switch


Red Industrie sind Mexicos neuester Exporthit in Sachen Electro.
Red Industrie sind heiß! Wie bitter-süße Schokolade mit Chili.

Mehr als nur stampfende Rhythmen, bietet Helder Camberos, aka Isis Signum, mit „Switch“ eine süchtig machende Mischung aus EBM, Electroclash, Technoelementen und 80er Wave, die einem sofort in den Bann schlägt.

Auffällig, die lasziven männlichen Vocals, die gelegentlich an Genesis P. Orridge erinnern und sich immer wieder in lustvollen Duetten mit erotischen weiblichen Stimmen ergeben. Gerade die Gesangslinien sind es, die die Einzigartigkeit Red Industries ausmachen und aus der Masse heraus heben.

So erklingen als Duettpartner PSYCHE und SARA NOXX auf „Switch“, um sich lustvoll-genüsslich den Themen Fetish, Gothic, Vampire und Science Fiction zu widmen.

Red Industrie legt mehr Wert auf Atmosphäre, auf Gefühl und auf Erotik, als manch’ anderer kalt dominierender Electrobeat.

Switch“ ist überbordende Leidenschaft, ist der Tanz in schwülen, dunklen Kellerclubs. Red Industrie – das sind verschwitzte, sich im flackernden Neonlicht windende, tanzende, sich hingebende Körper. Das Suchen und Finden angespannter, höchst sensibler und erregter Nerven unter der Haut in der flirrenden Nacht der Großstädte.

„Switch“ ist das Spiel von Dominanz und Hingabe. „Switch“ ist Rhythmus. „Switch“ ist Leidenschaft. „Switch“ ist jetzt schon Kult!

Red Industrie created by Helder Camberos (aka Isis Signum) and teamed by his wife. Written by Helder C. and produced by several known artists of the underground scene. Topics for lyrics are fetish, leather, industrial, gothic, vampires, science fiction, futuristic themes and more.

Debut album “ciencia ficcion” was released on in Mexico by Advanced Synergy in 2009. Got very well review at Sideline magazine.

Debut digital single was a club hit, “electro body” with guest vocal duet by Yasmin Gate; ex-dirty princess) and was released in 2009 by USA digital label Black Montanas. an EP also was released on electronica digital label Sango Music with 4 tracks, titled “Space Science“.

Now finished new album titled “Red Industrie-Switch” to be released in Germany by Frankfurt Label Electro Arc on 14th of May, 2010.
The album will include vocal duets with Psyche & Sara Noxx, also a cover version for Clan of Xymox’s “Going Round” and bonus remixes by DarkMen, Autodafeh, angstfabrikk and more.

HELDER CAMBEROS (songwritting, composing, vocals, fx)
HILDA MORAN (computer, fx, additional vocals)

Electro / Future-clash / Industrial / Synthpop

Red IndustrieSWITCH

14. Mai 2010

Gründungsjahr der Band:

2009 „Ciencia Ficcion“ (CD, Album, Ltd, Car)
2009 „Electro Body“ (2xFile, MP3)
2009 „Space Science“ (4 tracks EP MP3)
2010 „Switch“ (CD, Album)

Album erhältlich bei Amazon, PopOnaut,
digital downloads bei Finetunes Media Sevices, iTunes, Musicload,
7 Digital etc.

all tracks in snipets also listenable at: with embeded codes for player/playlists

Red Industrie – Switch


CD album „Switch“ will be released a.s.a.p.

listen to „Switch“ 13 tracks, snippets

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