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First Aid 4 Souls – Fountain Of Joy


First Aid 4 Souls – Fountain Of Joy
Selected electro works Vol 3
Full album gratis download * 15 tracks 1:27:13
01 Fountain Of Joy
02 Silo
03 Homeland
04 The Last Sanctuary, Vocal and lyrics by Mark Duffield
05 Volatility
06 Squirrel
07 Okinha (Ambient Version), Vocal and lyrics by Katalin Helfenbein
08 Faravahar
09 Ibn Battuta, Vocal by Linda Daemon
10 Bismillah, Vocal by Indidhar Kammarti
11 Rendezvous With Rama
12 The Empress
13 Tunisian Rose, Vocal and lyrics by Indidhar Kammarti
14 Land Of White Waters
15 Heaveh

All music by Istvan Gazdag
Original painting by Eduardo Pola
Cover layout by Silver
Published by Electro Arc LC 15678 Germany
Download link:

First Aid 4 Souls * Interview @ Elektrauma


Hello from Munich! How are you?

Greetings from Budapest! Thanks, fine! I’m working on the new album (How to destroy the Universe -2012-)…

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

As for me, István Gazdag, I was responsible for the musical background and the vocals with Vacuum, and I continue in this area with First Aid 4 Souls. I’ve been working with electronic music for 20 years now and have been collecting electronic sound-making and sound-manipulating devices since 1985. Having built up a considerable studio – with a preference for Korg instruments – I’m able to provide practically everything for bands; everything from song composition to mastering. Additionally, I continue to enjoy playing/working in and with other bands. I would particularly like to mention Terra Incognita and my cyber project, The Last European. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with several great Hungarian artists and have found great reward in composing music for ballet and films, media signals and main titles.

What does „First Aid 4 Souls“ stand for?

Kati (Katalin Helfenbein) made it up. I really like it. There’s a little bit of cynism though. Well, 90% goodwill, 5 % paranoia and 5% cynism.

You are producing music since 1992. Could you please describe your music-life-story of the last 20 years?

*The First Band: Vacuum (Hungary) 1992-2003* Here and now I’d like to state that this Vacuum is not identical with the Swedish synthpop project of the same name. 😉 At the end of 1992, I finished my duty in the army, I composed music (on the Amiga and a Roland D20), and later I started singing. At the same time, my friend István Drimá¡l started philosophical studies and also learnt to play the drum. Recently I talked with István, and just realized, that for 3-4 years we rehearsed two times 3 or 4 hours weekly. We wanted to do a lot, we played on every possible stages, almost everywhere in our country: Petöfi Hall’s main stage as warm-up bands for bands like Clock Dva, Swamp Terrorists or X Marks The Pedwalk; Tilos az Á, Yuk, and all the other stages nowadays considered ‚alternative‘. We loved doing it, there were no concerts with identical schedules, and our appearances were really extraordinary (in those times, at least): aggressive scenes, provocative appearance and extras, masks, corpse-bags, chemical protection equipment, wicked and beautiful videos, own animations (in ’93!), and accompanied by exhibitions by our contemporary artist friends. The visual and conceptual support of Norbert Szük, Gábor Vetö and Csaba Lengyel’s was indispensable part of our concerts. We have been announced as the „Hungarian Skinny Puppy“, and our instrument park expanded with lots of great stuff, so in Hungarian relation we progressed well. After a while the band came to an end. We didn’t have a row or something, we just didn’t have any appearances on stage. Then I won a composers‘ competition and the prize was a contract that covered the expenses of the mastering of the first and only Vacuum album. It has been published, but without István Drimá¡l.The album showed only traces of industrial, it was more like ambient,electro, big beat and acid. *First Aid 4 Souls -2007-* On one side, First Aid 4 Souls can be viewed as my personal project since all the music is written by myself. On the other side – thanks to the contributing singers and musicians – the band is a real international „supergroup“. The music ranges from dark ambient, nonetheless incorporating new wave impressions, and it converges to old and new electro schools. Basically it’s a big ocean of genre, that’s why a lot of people can find their expectations in it. Constant members of the band (as far as gigs) Kati Helfenbein (drums, vocals), Gabor Vetö (visual, VJ), Istvan Drimal (lyrics, philosophy), Intrendent (Michael, as producer and mastering), Tomoaki Ohtaka -san, (lead guitar, producer) and myself for the electronic gear and vocals. This is the first row of the front line, but the real surprises come with guest singers. These artists are just seemingly gusts at all, because the cooperation is continues and is successful for everyone Linda Daemon needs no introduction as she is a prominent member of „Drugzone„. Her outstanding sound and range of voice blinks in First Aid 4 Souls songs. Aaaron Rusell is the leader of the American industrial band named „Impurfekt„, he is the one who is directly responsible for the authentic industrial vocals. Mark Duffield is the founder of the alter band „I am One„, he brings in the new wave sound. And finally, Mir Colon is the demi-god of the EBM scene of Slovakia, just for more adventure in a surprising directions.

A few days ago your new album „Deathstep“ was released. What is this work all about?

Doomsday-watch shows 5 to 12 ,the civilisation is approaching abysm and hence its death. But, it’s not too late. Gloomy is the scenery, indicating a possible futur between value-deteriaration and pseudo mass-entertainment. Daunting and not at all beautiful. With aggressive rythms and distorted vocals FA4S wants to awake us from the tawdry TV entertainment. Atmospherical sounds with elements of ethno-rythm, classical strings and samples from computer games and SciFi-Effects. Make „Deathstep“ not only being mainly EBM orientated, but also offering elements of a radio drama. Combining creative potential from american, english, german, slovakian, hungarian and japanese musicians FA4S sets new priorities and emphasizes a multicultural project.

How would you describe your sound/style?

Musically, FA4S also relies on several kinds of tradition, deliberately mixing the fine brutality of noise music with the psychedelic pulsation of trance and blending the rich melodies of New Wave with the strict grinding of industrial metal. Obviously, we don’t care for being labeled to suit any one category of music and the current musical trends have no effect on us at all. Regarding transcendence, there are distinct religious, philosophical and magical traditions making appearances in our themes, but the band definitely refuses the negative energy of Satanism and New Age philosophy hasn’t served to inspire the group musically in any way to date. Essentially, the maintenance of the spiritual, mental balance is of great importance to us. We are constantly moving toward the essence behind this existence believed to be reality.

Where do you see the biggest difference concerning other bands?

Well, this is a multi-art project, built on Electro-Industrial and New Wave: A particularly European mixture of music, philosophy, literature,and visual arts (mostly paintings and the visuals for the songs).

Life without music is like…?

I teach, read, watch sick movies, ride my bike or play strategy and horror games…

Thanks for the interview and good luck with your new album! The last words are up to you…:

The industrial is the last true rebellion in the musical world. Do not let yourselves influenced, and keep up the good fight. You are – and always be – right. Thank you for the interview!

Homepage Band: First Aid 4 Souls
Homepage Label: Electro Arc

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First Aid 4 Souls
Quelle: Elektraumas

First Aid 4 Souls – Brutpop review at Chain D.L.K.


Title: Brutpop
Format: CD
Label: Electro Arc [ intrendent {at} arcor {dot} de ]
Distributor: Finetunes, Amazon, Poponaut
May this album title gives already out a hint, what kind of music hides behind this Hungarian-based project. FIRST AID 4 SOULS is five-persons collective, consisting of István Gazdag (lead synths, vocals), Katalin Helfenbein (e-drums, vocals)., Eszter Agoston (vocals), Zoltan Havasi (live sampling/VJ), and Attila Palvaly (drums). They too have hired several guest vocalists to help them out on this album, names like Linda Deamon of the Hungarian Metal-act DRUGZONE, or Aaron Russel of the US-based Electro-project IMPURFEKT coming up here. Musically this album is a bit a victim of different music interests of the single members. You’ll a colorful mixture out of Synth-/Futurepop-related tunes (”Before The Light”), some rather harmless Hellectro-related tracks (”Painkiller”), while you’ll also in between get a sort of Neo-Classic inspired work like ”First Aid”. They offer diversity to fight against that typical stereotyped thinking – everything seems to be musically allowed, as long as it is difficult enough for us fucking reviewers to sort them stylistically clear in. Personally impressed I felt with that energetic tune ”Powa”, although some heavy guitar-like inserts can be noticed. These Hungarians seem to feel familiar with multiple styles, although that album looses a bit intensity with the latter tracks. But to tip on some unnecessary lengths and avoidable repetitions may wouldn’t be fair for a quite good and entertaining debut release, although I fear that a versatile style-listener still needs to be born at first. As for a fine passing mention, FIRST AID 4 SOULS is the first music-project directly signed by the German Electro-Arc label and its mastermind Michael ”Intrendent” Maier. Under this label moniker he has previously released some well recognized underground compilations featuring new talents completed with a few known band names, so this release means a new challenge for him.

Review by: Marc Tater

Downloads avaibale at Finetunes:
Digipack album avaiable at:

Die geistreiche Seele des Electro – First Aid 4 Souls


First Aid 4 Souls First Aid 4 Souls – Die geistreiche Seele des Electro

In ihrer Heimat Ungarn sind FA4S schon längst keine Unbekannten mehr. Die Band hat ihre Wurzeln in der Industrial Szene, als Vacuum standen István Gazdag und István Drimál schon 1992 mit namhaften Vertretern des Genre wie Clock Dva, Swamp Terrorists oder X-Marks The Pedwalk zusammen auf der Bühne.

2006 gründete Mastermind István Gazdag (lead synths, Gesang) zusammen mit dem Schlagzeuger István Drimál das neue Projekt First Aid 4 Souls. Kein Name könnte treffender sein, denn die Musik der Ungarn hat etwas, was den meisten Electrobands bisher fehlte: Seele.

Seele in der Stimme, sowohl von Eszter Ágoston als auch von Katalin Helfenbein, die sonst für die e-drums schlagkräftig zuständig ist. Besonders hervorzuheben ist der erotische, ja soulige Gesang von Linda Daemon. Mit Zoltan Havasi am rhythm synth und Attila Palfalvy dem aktuellen Schlagzeuger wird die Band komplettiert.

FA4S verbinden in ihrer einzigartigen Musik die tanzbaren Rhythmen des Electro, mit filigranen, manchmal klassischen anmutenden Arrangements, psychedelische, trance-artige Soundspielereien und eben dem ganz großen Gefühl. Dass das Ganze dabei aber nie in den puren Kitsch abrutscht, dafür sorgt das intelligente Gesamtkonzept hinter der Musik. Mit geistreichen Texten, die philosophische Elemente, inspiriert durch u. a. Jeff Noon, aufgreifen und dem konzeptionellen Artwork des Malers Norbert Szük kreiert die Band ein einzigartiges Gesamtkunstwerk. Irgendwo in der knallharten Wirklichkeit der modernen Industriegesellschaft finden sie Elemente voller Fantasie, Erotik und Intelligenz, die nie Realitätsflucht sind.

FA4S zeigen, dass die Kreativität moderner, elektronischer Musik noch lange nicht erschöpft ist und befriedigen das Tanzbein genauso wie den Kopf und das Herz.

Istvan Gazdag (all music)
Katalin Helfenbein (vocal, lyrics, e-drums)
Attila Palfalvy (vocal, drums, mastering)
Zoltan Havasi (Visual, drums, Live samplings)
David Konsitzky (lyrics, vocal, guitar)


Genre: Electro
Style: Elektronika, Industrial, Experimental

neues Album „Brutpop

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