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Net.Ware Delight, Review @ sideline


Cover Net.Ware Delight 200
V/A Net.Ware Delight (CD Album
Electro Arc)
Posted on 27/07/14
Genre/Influences: EBM.

Bands: Jäger 90, Struma, The Pain Machinery, A.D.A.C.8286, Muscles On The Move, V.e.N., Analogo EBM ao….

Content: Electro Arc moves into pure old-school EBM featuring 17 bands from the scene.
There’re a few familiar names on the list like Struma, V.e.N., A.D.A.C.8286 plus a few famous formations like Jäger 90 and The Pain Machinery. But most of the bands featured on this sampler are rather young and upcoming formations. There’s no doubt about the purpose of this sampler, which is entirely devoted to EBM. Most of the bands are dealing with the pure and good-old EBM style while a few other bands are mixing EBM with a few more influences. Most of the tracks are rather short, but powerful.

Net.Ware Delight” reminds me of the good-old days of body music and there’s no better band than Jäger 90 to kick off the compilation. Struma confirms their potential with the icy body-cut “Dina Ord (Extended Klang Mix)”. The Pain Machinery is another attention grabber featuring an “EBM Mix” of “Weekend Warrior”. V.e.N. is another noticeable band dealing with a fast and totally retro-like cut.

Among the less familiar, but promising formations I want to mention Toxic Green and their song “EBM (Oldschool)”. The title of the song avoids any form of creativity, but it’s a hard and terrific piece recovered with a dark lead. White Trash Wankers is another name to keep in mind. The track “T.R.A.S.H. 13 (Original)” sounds heavy and pumping while featuring a little technoid flavor on top.

Conclusion: “Net.Ware Delight” is the kind of compilation that will not get the exposure of bigger samplers on the scene, but it’s a real cool and efficient release for all EBM lovers.

Best bands: Toxic Green, White Trash Wankers, Jäger 90, The Pain Machinery, Struma.

Rate: (Tor Cleenics:7½)Tor Cleenics.

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