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Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience compilation announced @ Blacksins



Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience
Am 02.12.2011 erscheint der Sampler Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience aus dem Hause Electro Art.

Der Sampler beherbergt eher unbekannte oder frische Bands, die bis jetzt noch nicht oder nur selten in den großen Szenemagazinen Berücksichtigung fanden. Ein Sammelsurium aus dem Genre Electro, EBM, Synthpop, Minimal und Industrial.

Diese Mischung spricht den Entdeckergeist an.

01. Zibit – Younger (Root Version)
02. Svenska Flikka – Luxuria
03. K-Nitrate – Disbeliever (EBM Mix)
04. Voyagers – Leaving Sensoria (Plasmabeat Mix)
05. Limbo – Flashback
06. P24 – Lichtjahre Entfernt
07. Brushy – Higher Texture Quality
08. Body Pleasure – Suffer And Die
09. Noonatac – First Day
10. DJ Bull – Morocco
11. Candyslade – Phone Voice Phantom Skin (Superikone Rmx)
12. Aythar – Trancesistor (Short Version)
13. Waiting In Vain – Awake Again 4:54
14. Ádám Bérces – The Last Transmission
15. Cyber S[?]ain’t – Once We Tasted Paradise
16. Human Remains – Besiege Deine Daemonen

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Net.Ware xtreme xperience * announcement @ music test lab


Music Test Lab
Various artists – Net.Ware xtreme xperience
A compilation with a very wide selection of electronic music. What all the songs have in common is that they are quite easy on the ears and also quite dance friendly. As usual with compilation the „blessing and curse“ of a wide variety is in play. Some tunes are magnificent but others are hastily skipped. Wich is wich will most likely vary from listener to listener. All in all this is a quite solid piece of work and should probably find it’s way the gigbag of DJs as well as the music collection back home.

Record: Net.Ware xtreme xperience
Artist: Various
Label: Electro Arc
Rating: 7/10

Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience


next compilation „Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience“ coming out soonest by Electro Arc via Finetunes Media Services, Hamburg.
Mastered by Stefan Vardopoulos and Intrendent at Redlight Studios, Frankfurt am Main. Cover arts by András Lengyel.
Net.Ware Xtreme Xperience

01 Zibit – Younger (Root Version) 5:01
02 Svenska Flikka – Luxuria 3:24
03 K-Nitrate – Disbeliever (EBM Mix) 4:30
04 Voyagers – Leaving Sensoria (Plasmabeat Mix) 5:09
05 Limbo – Flashback 6:52
06 P24 – Lichtjahre Entfernt 3:35
07 Brushy – Higher Texture Quality 4:13
08 Body Pleasure – Suffer And Die 2:09
09 Noonatac – First Day 4:08
10 DJ Bull – Morocco 4:25
11 Candyslade – Phone Voice Phantom Skin (Superikone Remix) 4:09
12 Aythar – Trancesistor (Short Version) 4:18
13 Waiting In Vain – Awake Again 4:54
14 Adam Berces – The Last Transmission 2:18
15 Cyber S[?]ain’t – Once We Tasted Paradise 3:53
16 Human Remains – Besiege Deine Daemonen 4:19

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