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Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos


Cover Invasion Of Female Logic - Alternativlos468)

Invasion Of Female Logic – Alternativlos
Label: Electro Arc
CD Nr.: 1001038
EAN 4001617068502
Genre: Electro
Substyle: synthpop, EBM, alternative
rel. Date 26th. of May, 2014


01 Trendsetter .. 4:38
02 Bifg Fish .. 4:06
03 Our Monsters .. 6:06
04 Big Brother .. 4:11
05 Ordnung Muss Sein .. 4:22
06 Chains .. 3:54
07 Face to Face (feat. Hierophon) .. 3:24
08 Frontfrau .. 4:53
09 Shadow World .. 6:10
10 Soulsister .. 6:08
11 Two Kings Childs .. 5:07
12 It’s Time .. 6:08
13 Enemy Contact .. 4:32

Music comnot allowed Petra Kutschera
Co-producer: Intrendent
Mastering: Stefan Vardopoulos @ Redlight Studios

Besonderen Dank ergeht an Bernd von Hierophon,
Spacey von Y-Orbit und Intrendent

The brilliant lyrics, in reminiscence to the waggishly notes by Wilhelm Busch, indicate a critical aspect of understanding with the meaning of the slogan
higher, quicker and further„.

She is contributing to the daily madness and the usual compartmentalizing: to catalog and
classify everything and everyone. You shouldn’t take it too serious, because there is
always a wink in the verse with her cheerful nature and her very special kind of fun.

Often we hear a kind of counter tenor voice, which we have sometimes noticed with
Hildegard Knef or Gudrun Gut.

Unbelievable though , that this is an announcement for the debut album, named

Listen to the debut album snippets

Invasion Of Female Logic – Enemy Mind, video @ YouTube

download @ musicload
Album: 13 Titel, 1:03:21 h
Format und Qualität: WAV, 16 Bit, 44,1 kHz and
Format und Qualität: MP3, 320 kbit/s

listenable also via @ Google Play, Spotify, simfy, etc.

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