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Net.Ware Funja * review by side-line


Bands: Akalotz, The Paradox, Ghost Of Decline, Nemesis21, La Santé, Finkseye ao.

Content: Electro Arc is a small label devoted to EBM and related genres, which I deeply respect for their fine taste to let us discover  interesting new names active in our beloved scene. This new compilation is without a shadow of doubt a production that will help you to keep some less familiar bands in mind.

The first part sounds pretty EBM-like with great contributions from Finkseye, A Industrya, Akalotz (definitely a band to discover) and the more into body-pop minded opener Vainerz. La Santé is for sure a familiar name in the EBM scene and still featured here. The debut part is absolutely great and pure EBM-food.

We next move into dark territories and here again we can discover interesting names such as Industrial Ferret and the more evasive-like Nameless City. One of the absolute highlights comes from another band we better keep an eye on. The Aenigmachine is a real sensational project, which seems to have already self-released a few productions. The sound finds its inspiration in the darker realms of body music, but has been made with a fine and intelligent taste and features great production work!

The second part of “Net.Ware Funja” moves back into more EBM-inspired fields and I here recommend Machine Revenge and the somewhat Leather Strip reminding (especially for the vocals) Blinky Blinky Computerband feat. Inside Agitator.

Conclusion: Just keep in mind famous and established labels don’t only have the monopoly on great and interesting compilations. “Net.Ware Funja” is a must have and that’s why I’m fully supporting this release featuring 14 bands and songs.

Best bands: “The Aenigmachine, Akalotz, Vainerz, Blinky Blinky Computer Band feat. Inside Agitator, A Industrya, Industrial Ferret, Ghost Of Decline, Machine Revenge.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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Net.Ware Funja * international compilation


release date: end of October, 2014

Net.Ware Bouncing Boobs


international electro music compilatione released on 16th November, 2012.

Review @ Klangwelt

Review @ AlanTheWild blog in Hungarian language

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Net.Ware Bouncing Boobs


Net.Ware Bouncing Boobs
EAN 4050486084427
Label: Electro Arc LC 15678
CD No.: 1001028
Release date: 16. Nov., 2012
Genre: Electronic, Electronica Dance
Subgenre: Electro, EBM, Synthpop, industrial dance


01 Alt-G – Conspiracy (Glitch IDM Version By DJ P.Alvear)
02 Synthetik Form feat. New Neon – We Are The Future (Vocal Mix)
03 Vainerz – You Create It (People Theatre Remix)
04 Sighla – Silent Pain
05 First Aid 4 Souls – Sweet Hell
06 Antigen[0] – The Lost Legion
07 Blutkraft – Antivirus (Stereo Sin Remix)
08 Stahlarbeiter – Selbstschuld
09 Nemesis21 – Zwischenwelt (K-Nitrate Interception Mix)
10 Eternalkeys – Other Galaxy
11 Impurfekt – Walk Alone
12 Divoid – Hoffnung
13 Doc Feel & Lagrima Negra – Download Yourself In A New World
14 Nexus-6 – Body Kills

review @ Klangwelt

Net.Ware Zapocaster * international compilation


Net.Ware Zapocaster
EAN code: 4050486072493
Label: Electro Arc LC 15678
CD No.: 1001025
Release date: 6. April 2012
Genre: Electronic, electro,
Subgenre: Synthpop, IDM, minimal, ambient, industrial dance


01 E-Gens – Hidden Rage (Radio Edit) 3:53
02 Second Version – Dreams 3:20
03 Vainerz – I Try To Be 4:46
04 EGOamp – Egomanic Maniacs (Leeds Maxi Mix) 4:47
05 Henry – Stroke Of Lightning 4:44
06 Christian Zander – Alles Nur Seifenblasen 3:21
07 G.I.E.Z. – Zwei Herzen 2:40
08 Nostromo 7 – History 5:22
09 Lia Organa & Electric Prince + Red Industrie – Destroy My Heart (Matsfer Alternative Mix) 5:15
10 Isis Signum Feat. Lethargy – The Future Is Not Digital (Extended Version) 5:02
11 Cyber S[?]ain’t – Cybercity At Night 3:56
12 V.e.N. – Soldier Of Death 5:08
13 Subliminal Code – Electro Suicide (Destructed By Detuned Destruction) 4:08

Review @ Klangwelt

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Net.Ware Zapocaster * release date 6th of April, 2012


Net.Ware Zapocaster
Net.Ware Zapocaster
EAN code: 4050486072493
Label: Electro Arc LC 15678
CD No.: 1001025
Release date: 6. April 2012
Genre: Electronic, electro,
Subgenre: Synthpop, IDM, minimal, ambient, industrial dance

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